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After multiple crackdowns and slapping tax, now RBI launched its digital currency— is it the unofficial final nail on crypto-coffin?

What's in the regulator's mind?

Govt doesn't want to dissolve the ₹70,000 crores investment in crypto; however, FM eyes on G20 development this November to push for a central regulator in the decentralized world. Some crypto bodies shifted outside of the country due to heavy tax and administrative crackdowns.

RBI's made in India 'crypto'—

India's central bank, RBI, launched its 'centralized' digital currency to compete( or end) with crypto-mania.

As the first transaction following the currency launch, SBI sold securities to BoB using CBDC.

Large payments and settlements will be made using the digital rupee. It will be utilized, in accordance with the RBI, as the settlement sum for both the acquisition and sale of government securities, such as government bonds. It will also soon be utilized for retail transactions.

One can check their wallet balance by monitoring their bank balance. Blockchain technology will be the foundation of CBDC. People can send it to anybody they like, and it will arrive in their account.

CBDCs come in two varieties: Central Bank Digital Currency Retail, which will be used for retail in the second phase, and Central Bank Digital Currency Wholesale, which is utilized for huge volumes of transactions.



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