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What all can you trade on the NFT marketplace in 2022

Non-Fungible tokens, the buzzword of 2022, has indeed taken the market by storm. Not only has it created a rippling hype across the entire virtual world, but has provided immense opportunities to make money.

So, what has this year brought for us in NFT marketplace? It’s of course, an amazing place to trade any of your creative stuff. Let’s grab those all!

1. Music: Now you can be the first winner to grab an original music piece from your favourite musician. Musicians are now launching their music productions directly on NFT marketplace.

2. Artwork: Popular NFTs in 2022, digital artworks actually top the list. Be it photographs, paintings, sketches of drawings, NFTs market them all.

3. Memes: Yes, memes are selling like hotcakes in NFT markets.

4. Videogames: Thanks to blockchain, games are popularly traded items on NFT marketplaces.

5. Fashion: Beauty and fashion found a new platform to trade on NFTs.

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