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Why Indian investors are in fear of Hyperverse crypto as a ponzi scam — 10 points you should know

  1. Twitter users from India riot over their "Hyperverse Withdrawal" hastag.
  2. In August of last year, the company had a comparable problem, but after the CEO joined the picture, investors' confidence was recovered.
  3. Over the past week, HyperVerse's price has dropped by 19.34%.
  4. According to data from Coinbase, the price increased by 2.20% over the previous 24 hours after declining by 3.37% in the previous hour.
  5. The current price of HyperVerse is ₹0.0017 , which is 100% less than its previous high price of ₹631.1.
  6. HyperVerse was developed with a special metaverse in mind to allow customers access to the fashion sector together with digital riches.
  7. Some investors desire to move their funds from HyperVerse to HyperNation before withdrawing them.
  8. Investors' fear of scams is growing despite their Telegram and Twitter channels being silent.
  9. Exclusive digital collections from well-known apparel labels were being created by HyperVerse and would only be available to HyperVerse subscribers.
  10. HyperVerse is confronted by Twitterati about its withdrawal issues and threatened with legal action; the threat of legal action is ridiculed for being likened to a Ponzi scheme.









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