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Diwali 2022 - Make a vow for Financial independence by Diwali 2023

Let’s celebrate the festival of lights with some strong vows for the next one year. Apart from wishing a safe and happy Diwali, wish you a financial independence.

1. Start saving from today – If you believe in earn more to spend more, modify it a little to make it earn more to save and spend more.

2. Stop futile expenditure – If you indulge in conspicuous consumption, try cutting that down gradually. Go step by step.

3. Lesser use of credit cards – Human psychology says if you pay in credit, you can spend more. Well, that’s a myth because at the end of the day, the amount gets debited from your account. So, the more you are aligned towards spending using credit cards, the more you tend to spend.

4. Invest in health – This Diwali, take an oath to keep your health check regular to avoid spending fortunes later on by ignoring your health.


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