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Top Tips to make you financially independent by the age of 35

Do you slog at work to make ends meet? Well, the majority does the same. With too much work, you might lose out on investing in your passions and travelling across the country, let alone the globe.

Here are incredible ways to make you financially independent and retire from your 8 to 8 job by age 35.

·         Don’t go overboard with your spending - With a new job, do not indulge in excess spending in the early years of earning.

·         Plan on saving – Keep a stipulated 30% income in a savings account.

·         Investment strategy – Have an eye on investment plans like MFs, Equities, Shares and stocks, Insurance, and more. This can help in tax exemption as well.

·         Start an alternate career – Do not just depend on salary. Instead, start a new profession parallelly that you are passionate about.

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