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Ways to be financially independent in 2022

Not the amount of money that makes you financially free, but the habits. It’s about having your financial life under control. The year 2022 is significant to set your financial ownership as we recover from the brunt of the pandemic.

Let’s jump into some tricks to make you financially free this year.

  1. First, analyze where you are currently. Next, check your debt, income, investment, savings, etc.
  2. Write your goal about where do you want to reach financially at the end of 2022.
  3.  Start with health and life insurance if you don’t them already.
  4.  Make healthy investments like PPF, MF, Stocks, FDs, and bonds. Make sure the instrument is safe.
  5.  Start a pension fund to ensure your finances are safe after 60.
  6. Keep a fixed proportion for savings and emergency funds.
  7. Find atleast one parallel source of income.

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