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Should you buy your own health insurance or depend on the company's coverage?

Many of us may be totally content with the amazing security our organizations provide as part of health insurance. You are covered along with your parents and/or your partner and kids. But, is that enough?

Well, you got to have a better safety and a robust plan for yourself and your family. Getting a personal health insurance is a smart decision.

1. It gives you additional coverage beyond what your organizational insurance gives.

2. It’s not dependent on your job. So, anytime you decide to quit your current work, you are good.

3. When you change your organization, the coverage amount might go down. Personal insurance shields you from that.

4. When you retire, you get no organizational coverage if you are with private entity. Personal health insurance always helps in such cases.

5. In case you plan to take a break from work for any personal reasons, you are still secured with personal health coverage.

So, from today, start saving a few bucks every month to cover up for the annual premium for your personal health insurance starting 2023.


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