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5 less known Stocks held by high-promoter companies are regarded as safer investments.

If investing in fundamentally sound equities is your investment objective, confirm that the company has a large promoter holding. It makes sense, really. A company is more likely to succeed in the future if its promoters believe that its stocks are valuable to purchase.

Narbada Gems and Jewellery has a 74.99% promoter holding. The stocks surged 100% in one year, where the 5-year return is 215%.

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd enlisted 84.83%, the stock jumped roughly 200% in one year, and it o served a 386% rise in 5 years. The price was merely ₹168 in October 2022 and now ₹816.

RSD Finance's 74.9% is under promoter's holding. The company rocketed 21% in one year and 72% in 5 years.

Promoters acquire 74% of Gujarat Mineral Development Corp stocks. GMDC is an eye-popping growth of 114% in one year, to ₹140.

Bharat Dynamics, with 74.9% of promoters holding, has a bumpy ride of 138% in one year and 137% in 5 years.

However, exception is there; companies like ICICI Bank, which have no promoter ownership but are very effectively operated and have increased shareholder wealth, fall under this category.






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