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Bear market glooming — Opportunity to buy undervalued stocks

Due to the Covid-War-Inflation trio, your portfolio in 2022 is fluctuating several times. However, the market is not as weak as the US market. It is also the fact that Dalal Street can't decouple itself from Wall Street. 

The most amazing aspect of a bear market is the opportunity to choose funds that are significantly undervalued. Investor returns would have been significantly lower if there hadn't been a downturn market.

However, if the Nifty closes 2022 at 16,000 in December, it might be viewed as a time correction because the index would have grown less expensive due to higher earnings. Market price corrections might also occur when the Nifty drops from 16,000 to 15,000.

But any investor can take advantage of a down market as a great time to buy. A bear market or price correction is the ideal opportunity to invest in robust, well-run businesses.

But you have to be ready to hold them for a very long time. If you observe the market after Q3 results, it has a mixed response, but BSE and Nifty have gained several points in the last 12 months.

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