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" Buying the dip with all my money, then another dip strikes ! " — These high-growth low profile stocks can save you in an inflation-hit market.

The Nasdaq and S&P500 of the US market started hiccups amid the Federal's announcement of an inflation rate of 8.2% (food inflation 13%), beating market estimates. India's Capital market is expected to get a jolt from the US. Already IT companies with mixed results issued red flags. 

These stocks will help to stabilize your portfolio ahead of challenging times.

1) Narahayana Hrudalaya has grown by 4.54% in the last month, with yearly returns of 15% in the pandemic-hit market. The current price is yielding ₹736.90.

2) Meghmani Finechem Ltd, or MFL, zoomed up 106% to ₹1602 between 2021 to 2022, whereas the last 6 months added more than 56% value to its stocks. In this time of nosediving market, this company enjoys debt-free status.

3) Vishnu chemicals jumped 118% to ₹1863 in one year; last 6 months, it grew nearly 19%. The company surpassed its 3 yr CAGR of 11.51% with a 57.7% increase in annual sales.

5) KEI industries have growth of 44% in one year with 6 monthly surges of 15%. Its Q1FY23 reported a 54.6% Y-o-Y jump despite a challenging time of the pandemic's second wave.

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