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IMF warns 'worst yet to come — use the Ashwathama trick to survive the bear market

Make a clear and rigid exit target based on your research or risk-taking ability.

Don't get lured by too much profit or wait for deep dive. Remember, apart from performance, the capital market is struggling with inflation, interest rate hiking, currency conundrum, and recession warning bell for the global market. Indian market can't isolate from the jolt.

The market can go against all your research up to some point. Target small-cap stocks mainly if you're in an entry-level slow-growth market.

The basic quote of the market, "Buy deep," fails many times due to market volatility. It does not make sense all time. Practice patience in a downtrend market and wait for a perfect entry based on their recent updates.

Do your own research, then Compare the result with broking agencies or investment experts.

Focus on 24 th Oct evening— Diwali Muhurat Trading.

Your game plan needs to take into account increased volatility and uncertainty before it ever starts. However, a lot of new traders and investors overlook this. If so, it's necessary to modify your approach and plan to account for higher trading ranges and volatility. The yearly trends that characterize a primary market are no longer as relevant.

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