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Important Investment Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade

A new decade with more opportunities for growth, personally and professionally, began in 2020. Several investment trends are emerging that are going to alter how the world operates. The next ten years are going to be full of new developments and technologies that will transform this planet into a whole new one, from the arrival of flying automobiles to AI taking over everything and everyone.

Advanced sensors

Global imaging satellites, drones, AR headsets, and LIDARs will provide people with instant access to information on everything happening in and outside of space. Through the Internet of Things, about 100 billion sensors will be able to monitor and detect every aspect of our surroundings at all times by the end of this decade.

AI/Human-like intelligence

As people look to invest in technologies that will enable seamless integration of our daily lives, AI is undoubtedly one of the other core investment trends. More like AR and VR, artificial intelligence is engulfing all relevant industries one by one. It has now reached parity with human intelligence and is gradually becoming capable of everything that humans can do.

Gene therapies

From AIDS to Ebola, gene treatments and CRISPR are reducing diseases, and this is becoming an appealing sector for investors, whether they are funding or trading stocks.



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