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T bills overpowered sluggish FD rates— Recession-proof investment for you

As per Financial Times, the US is heading towards recesstion after this Christmas!

Wall Street index bodies maintain a downward trend, followed by EU and UK indicators.

Understanding the recent developments in the Indian Capital Market—

As the Central bank is grappling with mounting inflation and hiking rates several times in FY23, following the same footsteps, commercial banks start to discourage savings in banks with the lower trend of interest rates.

The lending giants of India, like SBI, ICICI and HDFC, offer an FD account of 4.5% for 91 days, and the rate is 5.25% for 182 days.

But in the case of Treasury bills, they offer 6.4% for 91 days, 6.80% for 182 days and 6.9% for 364 days. A steep rise of T-bills from FDs. However, investors are also looking for debt funds, Real-estate investments and Govt bonds.

Traders can buy T bills from trading accounts or exchange bodies without CSGL bodies. 

Many investors will wish to transfer more funds into cash if a lengthy, severe recession does in fact, extend through 2023 and beyond.

T-bills with a shorter maturity date, however, currently have even greater rates and more flexibility. Of course, yields will only increase for a long-time investment.




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