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The best and simplest investment plans this Christmas Eve

Christmas is all about spending spree, who even cares about saving? Well, right you are. But we are talking about investing to let you have an even better Christmas in 5 years.

Without adding a heavy hit to your funds, let’s guide you with some very simple and incredible investment plans for which you don't need a fortune in your account. These will bear enough fruits for you, only if you are ready to hold them in your repository for a while.

1. Unit Linked Investment Plans – the money that you invest will be channelized into stock markets. It gives you life coverage and financial security plus lets you enter direct market investments. Hence, one of the best investment plans.

2. Direct equity – You get high returns in long term compared to other plans that are inflation adjusted.

3. Debt Mutual funds – Be a gainer with commercial paper, treasury bills, govt. securities and money market tools as fixed interest.

4. National pension scheme – Doesn’t matter when you plan to retire, keep some money into this account to help you in your superannuation days.

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