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The top 3 things a fresher should invest in after getting the first job

Landed up in first job? Well, that can be at any age; trust me, you can bag your first salary at any point in life. It can be in 20s, 30s or even 40s, totally depend on what has been keeping you busy till now.

But what’s that one thing you need to jump in right while getting the first paycheck? Investment it is. Start slow and then gradually build up.

1. Get a life insurance of an affordable premium – Even if you don’t want to consider it as a security for dependents, get it done as an investment to enjoy amazing returns upon maturity.

2. A health insurance – Even though you might be covered by your company, buy a personal one. It helps!

3. Fitness regimen – Yeah, it’s vital especially if you have hit a deskbound job. Save some amount every month for your fitness plan.

4. Fixed deposit – Even if interest rate might be low, yet it’s a safe plan as you will not withdraw it until maturity.

5. Public Provident Fund – A great investment it is; plan to invest a certain amount every year to keep your money in safe haven, while enjoying good cumulative returns.


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