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Bring home the Bacon—Hey, new investors! Done one year of job or hustle? Now, get ready for passive income with low risk.

1) Invest in your health first. Maybe your organization has an option for employee insurance, or you have no such facility as a freelancer or businessman. In both cases, personal health insurance is vital as they have certain limitations.

Make a wise decision, and admit that your salary can't cope with even a minor operation or post-operation treatment in tier II Pvt hospital.

Avoid agents or influencers, do your own research.

2) Avoid long-term asset involvement. As a new employee, you need to migrate to various places or get an opportunity to change organizations, depending on their work culture and remuneration structure.

3) As a young star, you need to pay small premiums for term insurance.

4) Design your tax benefits and go for a SIP mutual fund for the 2-year minimum.

5) " I need to invest in learning investment strategy or iPhone 14 for social status "— you are not discouraged from having fancy gadgets, but at a budding stage, investment in skill and knowledge is better. 

ICICI Prudential recorded a 32% return in 3 years, whereas the iPhone gets depreciation from next day— choice is yours!

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