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11 Best Freelancing Skills That Make Fast Cash

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

No matter what industry, age group or institution you belong to, the ongoing pandemic has severely affected your daily life. This has brought uncertainty regarding the future and as businesses and employers face stagnant or falling revenue, they begin to lay off their employees in order to cut costs. Unemployment rates have spiked all across the globe and people are moving towards fast skills to bring some semblance of stability into their life. With the skills mentioned below, you can hope to make good cash while also working from the comfort of your home.

Content Writing

Perhaps the most common skill online that not only pays well but is also in high demand, content writing remains on top of the list. It is the process of planning, writing and editing web content in order to improve a website’s SEO.

Graphic Designing

Great visuals are what make a website unique and makes people want to explore. As businesses struggle to build a loyal customer base, graphic designers are in high demand to manage social media and create interactive websites.


If you have a camera, a sense of good lighting and a passion for taking pictures, photography might be a very good way for you to earn. Take a picture of things around you and sell them online and start earning.

Website Development

Every authentic business needs a stunning website. If you have knowledge of WordPress or any other relevant platform, you can sell these services online while also building a portfolio for yourself.

Customer Service

Good customer service builds good relationships with customers. A very easy skill that only requires fluency in English. Many businesses hire remote agents to respond to their customer queries.

Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing virtual assistants is on the rise as businesses look towards cutting down costs. It requires performing day to day tasks for managers that include making phone calls, responding to emails, managing social media etc.

Software development

If you are familiar with how software development works, you can start to offer this skill as transforming data into organized structures is a need of every business.

Social Media Marketing

This is the era of social media and all businesses, big or small are looking to build a reputation online through social media presence. If you’re well aware of how to market online and how the algorithms for these platforms work, social media marketing might be for you.

Data Entry

The easiest skill of all that only requires a good typing speed. Data Entry jobs are easy to find and might not be as well paid as other specialized ones but are a good way to make easy cash.

Website Testing

All you need is an understanding of user-friendly interfaces and you can test websites for bugs and give your feedback on the general outlook. Companies pay good money to website testers with a good reputation online.


Blogging is on the rise in the 21st century as it is the most fun and interactive way to make money while also doing something you’re very passionate about. Once you have a good fan following, you can start charging companies to run ads on your website or run paid promotions.

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