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5 Apps to Maximize Your Daily Productivity

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Covid-19 has limited us all to the walls of our homes. Many businesses, institutions and services have now shifted their workings online and therefore “work from home” has become a way of life. If there’s one thing all of us have struggled with over the past few months is staying productive while being at home. Not letting yourself get distracted and getting work done has become a daily battle for most of us. With noisy children, lazy partners or destructive pets around, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused. A good way to force yourself to get things done is making full use of your smartphone to make sure you stay productive.


Setting personal goals is very important to start your day with. Be it drinking a relaxing cup of coffee or giving your dog a shower. It is integral that you create lists for yourself and once you complete these little tasks and tick them off your list it will bring you a great sense of accomplishment. Evernote is a note-taking app that lets you create lists and share them across platforms. It is a free app and can help you reach your goals faster.


This app is heaven on earth. An all in one app that lets you collaborate with people around the world, Trello lets you create tasks and track progress. From project management to interactive dashboards, this app maximizes your work productivity to the fullest.


If your team is also working remotely you will understand how big of a hassle communication can be. Slack is an instant messaging app that lets you share files, make voice or video calls, share your screen and much more. It allows you to create a small workspace and stay updated with your team.

Letting you create a simplistic To-do list, is the most convenient productivity app for your daily chores. It lets you sync your data between all your devices and allows you to create subtasks and notes. Calendar integration is also available so that you can also add reminders to certain specialized tasks or submissions.


For some of us, lists sound boring and dull. If your mind is full of colorful and creative ideas, mind-mapping might help you organize the flow of your thoughts. Mindmeister is a brainstorming tool that also lets you collaborate with other people and share your ideas. With color and different shapes, this tool will help you put your thoughts into visually appealing plans that will maximize your productivity.

We’re all in this together and with the help of these productivity apps, you can organize your daily activities and can push yourself to get more done on lazy days. Make use of your smartphone and let it take charge of your daily tasks. However, consistency is key. If you want to save your time and be more productive then staying consistent and dedicated is very important. Just download these apps, set tasks and goals, and get started...

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