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Build A Stellar Resume And Land A Job Fast

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With the pandemic having left millions across the globe jobless and struggling to find any work that they can get, landing a job is a race against the clock. While you’re sitting and surfing the internet for your options several have already applied for the job that might have been a good fit for you. Several job sites show the number of applicants who have applied for a job posting and the numbers have significantly increased over the past few months. All of this may seem very daunting to you and can be very discouraging when looking for a job. Several individuals invest in premium offers on job sites to make their profiles more prominent for employers and this can give them a significant advantage. Do not let this scare you as many people who pay to be on top can also be those without any significant skill and employers know this very well which is why almost all companies looking for REAL talent have a very thorough screening process.

First impression is the last impression” you must’ve been familiar with the phrase. This is exactly why your resume plays a very important role in helping you reach the interview stage of a job. How you portray your skills and talent is integral and makes you stand out.

Whether you’re a student looking to get a part-time job in a relatively simple niche or a fresh graduate who is unfortunate to have graduated during the pandemic and have to go through the disappointing task of being compared to more experienced individuals, your CV is what needs to be unique to a point where it makes the recruiter want to reread it for a better look.

The first task to make a smart CV is to identify what job you’re looking to apply for. Instead of making a standardized CV for all types of jobs, make several specialized ones that only consist of skills and experience relevant to that job. Whether you’re looking to apply as a Software Engineer, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer or as a Data Entry Operator, making a separate CV will make the hiring managers job significantly easier. However, you need to be smart enough to identify what work experience will be relevant for which jobs. Sometimes a content writing experience can come in handy for any sort of job that you apply as it tells employers that you are good at expressing thoughts and ideas as well as research.

Adding a professional looking picture on your CV isn’t a requirement however, it allows the recruiter to put a face to a name and a friendly looking, professional picture can instantly allow the recruiter to understand more about your personality.

The absolute must for a resume are:

-Full Name

-Contact Number (personal number)

-Email Address

-LinkedIn URL

A LinkedIn profile is an absolute must as it allows the employer to understand your credibility. It allows them to understand the type of content you engage with, the recommendations and endorsements that you have received by other people and your previous work experience. Since LinkedIn lets you take skill assessment tests, you can also provide proof of your skills.

List your work experience in order of recent to old. All work experience mentioned on your profile should also mention what work you did and what projects you worked on while at the company. Also mentioned what tasks and duties were assigned to you.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a CV is your summary statement. It can make or break your CV. While going through dozens of resumes at the same time, your summary is what needs to make an employer stop and want to read more. It summarizes your professional experience and skill.

What serves as the most important advice is that whatever skill you state, you need to show proof of it through your experience or an example. If you mention leadership skills, you should mention the leadership positions that you have been in. If you mention research skills, mention research you have done and possibly attach them to your resume.

We understand this process can be scary. However there are websites that allow you to get free CV templates which can be enjoyable to make. VisualCV, Canva, Google Docs (CV template) are among the few free services that let you create a stunning and visually appealing CV in minutes. We wish you best of luck with your job hunting!

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