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Build Your Business Reputation Fast Through Online Reviews

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Customer reviews can make or break a business. How your customers respond to your product or service is integral to your success and several studies and surveys have concluded that customer reviews are very powerful and increases or decreases business profits by 20%.

Before an individual purchases a product or service, they seek out customer recommendations and testimonials and that greatly affects their purchase decision. Repulogy is an online platform that helps businesses build an online reputation through a review and reputation management system.

What services does Repulogy offer?

In order to make a purchase decision, customers will rely on your business reviews. This is where Repulogy comes in. Bridging the gap between how customers respond to your business and how you cater to the reviews, it makes the review generation process a breeze.

Not only does it give your business a competitive advantage by letting you generate reviews, it also allows you to monitor them. This means you can make note of customer feedback across different sites, alerting you every time there is a new review. What makes a service standout is how good the customer service really is. Repulogy lets you instantly manage your reviews by allowing you to respond to customer feedback. If the feedback is negative, it is always admirable if the service provider is prompt with the response.

Perhaps the best service Repulogy has to offer is the availability of a review marketing software that helps you attract new customers, build trust among the existing ones and create concrete proof of good service in order to help you increase your sales.

How Repulogy Works:

This is the most painless service you will ever come across. Saving you the task of going through a long and dull signup process, it simplifies and speeds up the registration.

1. You can start by visiting the website and signing up online.

2. Once you are on-board you can set up the account and define your campaigns.

3. That’s it, you’re done! The reviews will start rolling in and you can begin to manage and respond to them.

Why invest in customer feedback?

Why most businesses focus on customer service is simple. It doesn’t only build customers, it builds relationships. It’s not success if an individual makes a one-time purchase with your business, it only matters if they come back again trusting your quality and service a second time. Often, they end up recommending your business to family and friends and this starts a chain of loyal customers. Not only does this grow your sales but it also increases your SEO ranking, the key element to rank higher in popular search engines including Google. It is very cost-effective and thus brings down marketing costs. The more the reviews, the more the traffic on your website leading to more business.

Why Repulogy?

It’s simple, Repulogy will save you tons of money. While other reputation management platforms charge you $200 and ABOVE per location, Repulogy costs you a convenient $39. With a free setup that also offers a multi-location dashboard, this should be your go-to service. Also being mobile friendly, Repulogy will let you manage your business with just a few clicks.

“Customers are likely to spend 31% more on business with "Excellent" reviews” and “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business”. Here’s your reason to invest in a review and reputation management platform!

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