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How To Boost Your Sales By 30%

Running a business is not a bed of roses. You don’t start a business today and begin earning tomorrow. It requires planning, a dedicated team, marketing strategy, monetary investment and much more. However, the common goal for every business is simple: make more money, cut down business costs and to grow your business. If there’s anything you can learn from the world’s smartest and richest businessman Bill Gates, is that revolutionary ideas and goals are shown, not told. So no matter how big your plans are, unless you make smart choices towards making it happen, it will always be an idea and never have an end product.

If you are looking to boost your sales and get your business to be noticed, Saleslogy can be your tool. Helping local businesses grow by connecting them with potential customers, this can be your gateway to business growth.

What does Saleslogy offer?

Lead Generation

According to a Forbes article by, Dustin DeTorres, the Founder & CEO of DeTorres Group, the world's leading B2B lead generation firm, “Instead of focusing on short-term economic issues, smart business leaders should put a plan in action to generate more leads now, so they can continue to prosper in the future.” Saleslogy generates leads for your business making sure the pandemic does not stop your business.

PPC Marketing

Paid per click is the most profitable marketing channel when it comes to generating a higher return on investment. What makes Saleslogy unique is the fact that they are a Google Certified Agency and can do the job better.

Coupon Marketing

Tempting offers through coupons are what drive sales. If you have ever Airbnbed then you must have looked for free coupons and know the difference they can make. By offering digital online and offline coupons, Saleslogy connects your business with buyers.

Website designing

In the digital era, no website means no business. If you’re looking to create a website for your small business or completely revamp your current website, it is integral that you look for an agency that is not only professional but also unique in order to make your business stand out.

Display Advertising

Statistics show that an average US user sees around 63 display ads per day. If you have ever been bugged by a youtube ad while trying to peacefully watch a tutorial on youtube, you have been a victim of display advertisement. Very effective in its job, the advertising business is what brings 20% traffic to your website. Saleslogy can get this done for as low as $2.

Not only this but Saleslogy also offers managed marketing, helping you build your online reputation, assisting you in marketing automation and much more. Bringing more sales and revenue to your business, this is your perfect opportunity to grow and build your presence online. Professionals at Saleslogy can access and evaluate your business needs and create a personalized plan to benefit YOUR business. Your business becomes theirs.

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