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How To Earn Through Game Design

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A flawed game today is better than a perfect game never” – Creator of Cardinal Quest

There are currently three major fields that the world is focused on. Those are education, entertainment, and medicine. Under entertainment there exists a category called game design. The art of using design and aesthetics to create a game for education or entertainment. Game designers work as part of a team to create apps or video games and work on many different aspects of the game. If you’re a writer then you work on the game setting and story. If you’re an artist then you work on game concepts and characters. And if you’re a coder, then you work to make the game work.

In order to earn through game design, you first need to become a game designer. This includes finding the right courses either online or at university. Building your game portfolio. Volunteering or doing a game design internship. Applying for the jobs. And learning as you go along. Just like the worlds of medicine and computer science, the world of game design is constantly changing and evolving.

One thing you also have to remember is that as a game designer, all criticism is good criticism. You can use it to improve your current game, find ideas for new games you’ll produce, or just take it as entertainment value.

Your first game probably won’t go viral. Probably most of your games won’t go viral. But what you want to aim for is to make at least one out of the first hundred games you produce, go viral. And I mean really viral. You want your game to have at least a hundred thousand downloads. As your fan-base increases, the next time you put out a game, they’ll be waiting. Just don’t take too long.

Now that you have an audience to cater to, you can earn money from a number of different ways. You could either charge them for the game directly, a low price if you have millions of downloads still might make you millions if you play it smart. You could also create a game that will display ads. You get paid for hosting these ads or for people clicking on them.

You could create a freemium game. Where most features are free, but the special features come at a cost. You just have to make the prospect of buying them mysterious and lucrative enough for the player and it’s a guaranteed sell. Having a great design and aesthetic could sway your customer to pay more for small upgrades. Eventually you could create a game studio. Your studio could act as a service center for your game and help customers out with questions and support.

Alternatively, you could just work the design aspect and not create games. And you could sell those designs to people who want to create games but not create characters. You’ll find them out there, trust me, they exist. And if all else fails, you could go back to college and teach game design instead.

If you can’t find a studio to work at, or don’t like that life, then becoming an independent game maker is definitely the way to go. Run your own company with your own rules. Publish games left right and center until you hit the big one and it takes you all the way. It’s very easy to lose hope. But try try again right?

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