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How To Increase Productivity During The Pandemic

As COVID 19 spreads across the world, companies and schools have started expecting their employees and students to work and take online classes from home. This pandemic has turned many of our lives upside down starting from the ways we work and going on to the ways we spend our leisure time. This pandemic along with uncertainty has brought with it many challenges, but with these challenges come opportunities to try out new things and learn in different ways. Productivity surely has decreased as compared to the times before the start of this pandemic but with the right mindset one can thrive as well as increase their productivity and stay sane.

Designating yourself a workspace is the initial step one should take in order to increase productivity. You can create a small space for yourself where you either work for your office or where you take your online classes without any disturbance. This space should only be entered by you when you are to do your work and you should leave it as soon as you are done with the work assigned to you. Setting a routine for yourself and following it religiously everyday helps to get your work done on time thereby maintaining your productivity. Continue getting ready like you used to before COVID and also exercise at home if you used to visit the gym regularly. This will make you feel like not much has changed and will help you, your mind and your body stay fresh and healthy.

Communicating and staying connected with your friends, family members and work peers is an essential part in order to increase your productivity. Taking frequent breaks is important for us to stay sane. This break time can be used to have evening tea with your loved ones or going for a walk in your garden to get some fresh air. Having a good laugh with your loved ones or over the phone can help deal with fear, stress and anxiety that may otherwise lower down your productivity levels. Along with productivity laughing will also make your mood lighter and will help you feel better mentally.

Now is also the time to learn something new. Connect with your passions and practice your hobbies. Hobbies have shown to increase productivity overtime during this pandemic. Baking, cooking, learning to play an instrument, writing, reading etc are so many different activities that will help increase your productivity. Keep learning, practicing and polishing your own skills. The internet provides various different courses related to design, coding, business, management etc which you can use to sharpen your own skills. Music has also shown to be boosting people’s productivity levels this pandemic.

The pandemic may seem like a dark time but remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and this too shall pass. Instead of letting the Corona Virus decrease our productivity, we should keep moving forward and try to reach the best possible outcome that we can. But before doing anything remember to take care of yourself. That is the first step towards slowly increasing your productivity. Stay happy, stay productive!

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