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How To Make Money Fast In 2020

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

When we had imagined an apocalypse, we had thought of humongous dinosaurs crushing buildings, a zombie takeover or aliens invading planet earth. What we got instead was a pandemic that confined us to the walls of our homes, leaving us bored, isolated and lazy.

Worry not, if you’re someone with time on your hands and looking to make some extra cash, we are here to help. We have hunted the internet for best options available that can help you earn cash fast. Don’t let the bad vibes of 2020 get to you and let it be the year you discover your true potential by attaining complete financial freedom through the internet while lounging in your house.


This isn’t rocket science. If you’re looking for a job, a job search site is your best shot. Register for free, upload your resume or build one, edit your preferences and sign up for email marketing. You will get informed of jobs that fit your criteria right into your inbox. This process is completely free and will allow you to look for any sort of work that you want. Be it content writing, graphic designing or software development, you can find a job in any niche with just a few clicks., CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster are a few job sites that you can register on and start exploring.


You’re constantly at home. Look around you. What is stuff you don’t need anymore or is a result of an impulsive shopping decision that you don’t use. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of products that are not being used. The best way to get some cash while spending no money is selling things around the house. Sites like Amazon and Ebay let you sell items online with ease. Amazon also offers a series of free training videos called Seller University teaching you the smart way to sell on Amazon. What are you waiting for, start selling and earning!


Ever been that student in the class that people went to for explanations or solutions more than they went to the professor? Well, you should seriously consider building a career in teaching if you are able to convey ideas, thoughts and solutions in a fun way. Not only is teaching online extremely flexible, but it is also a learning experience for you as you get to teach students from diverse and unique backgrounds. Skillshare, Educationfirst, Kaplan, Udemy and VIPkid are amongst the sites that let you teach a skill online. What’s worth mentioning is that not only can you teach educational courses but you can also teach any sort of skill including music and photography on some of these sites.


Do you know how much money Kylie Jenner makes through a single instagram post? Brace yourselves, you’re about to get information that will make you weak in the knees. She earns around $1.2 million dollars per post. PER POST. You read that right. Let us introduce you to the beautiful world of affiliate marketing. Kylie Jenner has an audience. A company A sends Kylie their products to promote. Kylie promotes it on her social media. Every time someone buys it though Kylie’s promotions, she gets a share in the product sold. This is how affiliate marketing works. And that’s how famous bloggers and influencers make tons of money. You can be a part of this earning chain too. All you need is to build an audience that will buy what you promote. Webfiliate is an ideal way to get started and the signup is FREE. Sounds fun? Then get started…


If you have a way with the camera and can take amazing pictures, photography is a great way to earn money. The pandemic may have stopped several businesses, but weddings continue to happen, babies continue to be born and companies continue to market their products. That’s where a good photographer comes in. By capturing people’s special moments or doing product photography, you can make fast cash and can increase your charges as you move up onto the popularity scale. You can also sell your photography on sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Adobestock etc. Let your creative side run wild.


You surf the internet on a daily basis. Have you ever come across a website on your phone or laptop that just looked off? The design didn’t make sense and the colors on the site made your eyes hurt? Well, bad design is a thing and the functionality of a website needs lots of testing in order for it to start captivating people. There are certain websites that allow you to sign up and start testing websites and give your professional opinion. You get paid for every site you test and all you need is a laptop and a good, stable internet connection to get started. Usertesting let’s you test websites and the sign up is completely free. Testerwork is another website that lets you test apps and give your feedback.


Ever bought a product online that completely sucked? If yes, then you must have emailed the company and must’ve heard back with an email that looks something like “I apologize for the inconvenience you may have faced, we are working to get your product replaced as soon as possible...?” This is the work of a customer service representative. Every business needs one and therefore, customer service jobs are easy to find. All you have to do is either take calls or respond to emails or chat with customers. A good typing speed and a very fast internet connection is all you need to get started.


It’s Christmas season, you get a promotional email from a clothing store promoting their new collection. There’s a couple of fancy doodling on the email. That’s what a graphic designer does. They design graphics. And if you have the eye for aesthetics and good design, you should definitely try selling your skills. Every website and social media page needs a good designer to create stunning content for them. If you can be creative then this is your calling. Don’t know where to start? Try building a profile on Upwork or Fiverr and start looking for projects.


Social Media is how 40% of the world makes money. It is the art of selling that once mastered can be your biggest investment. If you know how to market a product, be it something as fancy as a 5 in 1 juicer set or something as simple as a box of paints, you can earn loads of money. Marketing isn’t simple and therefore there are tons of courses online to learn how to market your service or product through facebook, instagram etc. Once you understand how the algorithms work, you can sell your services as a Social Media Manager. Many companies are now hiring people with creative minds to sell their products.

There are tons of options available online for you to start earning. However, the first step towards a productive and successful life is to overcome your laziness and start hustling. Once you look for opportunities, things will start to become more happening for you and you will be able to understand the intricacies of the world of online business. If you’re reading this article then you have already taken the first step towards your financial freedom. Good job!

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