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Improve Your Social Media Presence by Following These 5 Tips

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Imagine a person scrolling through their Instagram enjoying vacation photos of travel blogger, Jane with sandy beaches and the bright sky as her background. Imagine your business competing with this Jane. How will you catch an individual’s attention in the sea of beautiful women, engaging travel photography and very efficient product selling? If these are questions you are looking answers for, improving your social media is the right step towards building an audience. Making sure your social media is not just existing but also thriving is very important in promoting your product or service. Let’s get right into it.

Know Your Audience

It is integral that you get into the minds of the people who engage with your social media. What will they enjoy, what will instantly attract their attention, what will make them want to know more, what will make them want to comment? Once you identify the answer to these questions, you will be able to create content that will positively improve your social media presence.

Engaging Visuals

More than people like to read, people like to see. The best way to get your message across is in the form of a stunning graphic design that in the quick paced world of constant scrolling, will get someone’s attention. The average attention span is now lesser than a Goldfish’s and therefore an image that conveys the message is better received than lines of text.


Knowing when is the best time to post is integral for maximum engagement. Understanding how analytics work for different platforms will help you understand when your audience is most active. Once you find the right timings to post your content, you will see a significant increase in your audience engagement.


You cannot hold an individual’s attention unless you have something unique to offer. If you can advertise in a way that allows you to be creative and relevant, your business will definitely sell. Staying up to date on the current issues, finding a way to promote a meaningful message or just being unique in how you advertise will bring attention to your social media presence.


Investing a little on social media advertisements can go a long way for your brand/business. Running ads across social media platforms will allow you to reach the relevant audience and will bring traffic to your social media pages. These engaging ads can boost your marketing campaigns and can be very effective in getting you noticed.

If you follow the above tips and focus on building quality content, your social media is sure to gain attention. Be consistent with your voice and focus on making the audience feel equally involved while reaching out to them. Find a good strategy for your business that lets you break through the noise on social media and get noticed. There’s no one-way to gain an audience. It’s a slow process that does not happen overnight. All these tips together with good planning and execution are what help you gain momentum. Good luck!

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