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Make Money Teaching Online

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

With the pandemic shifting all matters of daily life online, including shopping, working from home, courses etc, there are many sectors being affected. The education sector being amongst those that are struggling to thrive. As children are being kept home and online classes being suspended or still in progress, parents find it challenging to keep their kids busy. Parents are looking for tutors and courses online to prevent the gap in their child’s schooling. And thus, online teaching is on the rise.


It is an online learning community for individuals who are willing to learn through educational videos. You can teach on skillshare and share your passion with many others around the world looking to learn what you might have to offer. It assists you in creating online classes so that you can share tips, techniques and much more with those who join.


Offering courses for all age groups, as a tutor can teach students in a user-friendly online classroom while the teaching materials will be provided to you.


This site offers specialized courses to high-school and university students. If you have a specialization in standardized test prep, you can work as an employee at Kaplan and receive several perks and employee benefits.


In order to teach through Udemy, one of the largest online learning and teaching marketplace, all you have to do is create online video courses and start earning money by teaching people around the world. Pan your course, record your video, build your community and you’re good to go.


An online teaching and educational company, VIPkid lets you teach English to children in China and allows you to create your own schedule. If you’re fluent in spoken and written English and have a knack for teaching, this might be the best job for you.

Chegg Tutors

It is an online tutoring company that connects students who need help with tutors. And you can apply as a tutor, choose your subjects, tell a little about your teaching experience and verify your qualifications and get started.


Lingoda offers online language courses from native teachers. If you’re fluent at a language you can join their team of international teachers. This platform offers flexibility and a structured curriculum for you to follow.

Magic Ears

A very innovative and engaging platform for students between the ages 4 and 12. If you enjoy working with children of this age group you will have fun teaching through the platform. With flexible hours, instant bookings and secondary positions, this can be a good fit for you to teach English.

Teaching requires dedication, passion and commitment. It might NOT be as well paid as other industries but the pleasure of knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life by teaching them a skill is enormous. It is integral that your sole focus is to successfully transfer a skill instead of making fast cash. If you are dedicated, you will have a fun time working with different people around the globe and hopefully, you will learn through your students in return.

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