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Sell Better With Affiliate Programs

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In a world of social media, affiliate marketing is an important source of income. It’s when you get paid a commission for the number of people who use your link (i.e. referral) to access an online store’s page and purchase their products. In a previous blog we helped tell you how affiliate marketing is essentially how you can earn while you sleep. Now we’re going to let you in on the secrets of marketing better.

Selling better with affiliate programs or affiliate marketing doesn’t mean increasing the number of links or increasing the number of programs you’ve joined. Each customer or person who uses your referral needs to be treated in a unique fashion where they understand you’re not just another marketer, but you’re a market who’s here for them. You can try recommending a product or a service by using your website or blog, or by crafting a welcoming and warm email and sending it to your followers.

You need to be specific in which product or service you want to offer, and even more so specific to whom you’re offering it to. For example, if you’re joined with an affiliate program that works with art supplies, your target audience will be artists and designers. Finding your niche market is a very important part of affiliate marketing. It helps you sell better by identifying who exactly are the people you want to sell to.

You may want to look at plug ins or resources that help make you more effective at affiliate marketing. Not everyone wants to see a clunky link filled with web

page jargon. Sometimes you need a small link that takes you directly to the affiliate website without you feeling flustered by looking at a long link. Open this site in a new tab by clicking here.

The next thing you want to do is produce quality content. Randomly posting or pasting links with your affiliate referral attached doesn’t guarantee anyone clicking on it. If you have a clear heading and a clear goal as to what your content is about, and you attach your affiliate link there, it automatically has a higher chance of being recognized and used. For example if you are a blogger and you write a post about how you recently started working with art and mention the website you got your art supplies from, you are pitching to a very specific audience that is relevant to the affiliate link you want to attach.

Most importantly, join an affiliate program you can create a personal connection with. A product or a service that has made a difference in your life and you can write about in your experiences. This brings a natural passion and attachment to your post that others will be drawn to. Once you’ve got this narrowed down, think about which method of promotion is applicable to your platform. Is your Instagram page somewhere you can post banner ads, product reviews or stories, or is your blog a place where you can think about using social media tools to help boost the reach of your article? Keep doing products and reviews that are relevant to your audience and you will automatically perform better.

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