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The importance of flow and structure at work

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Before we get into it lets first discuss what workflow is. Work flow is essentially a state of mind.

When you’re experiencing work flow there are a few things that occur:

· You are completely focused on your task

· You forget about everything going on around you

· You lose track of time

· You feel in control and active

· You are happier and become more productive

One of the best things about having a good work flow is that it brings a sense of inner peace. This helps relax your mind and body and makes you feel better about the work you’re doing and acts as a source of job satisfaction. Now why is workflow important? Work flow is important as it is a gateway to productivity. And this isn’t the productivity where you say you’ve done all your chores at home.

Productivity occurs from accomplishing your goals. Where you don’t focus on the quantity of your work but rather the quality. This helps solve important task goals and helps you move further down your plan. It’s like accomplishing milestones you’ve set for yourself to reach a certain objective.

Here are a few pointers when it comes to achieving good work flow. Apply for the job you love and want. If you hate doing the work you’re doing now, you’re never going to be happy doing it. You might want to look for another job. Additionally, pick an important task. It’s very easy to impress your boss by doing smaller tasks that contribute to the overall environment but don’t really leave a lasting impact. If you complete a tough job that helps the company close a deal or takes a step forward, then it’ll impact your long term goals and career prospects. Lastly, find the time that works best for you. Not everyone is productive in the standard nine to five gigs. Be effective. Find the time where you work the hardest. Where you’re the most productive. And use it.

Moving onto structure. Structure is important for a number of reasons. It helps define a clear authority. This helps assign responsibilities and create the relationships between the different levels of the company. Structure also determines the path through which information and communication passes down. This helps in the administrative side of the organisation. Structure also helps in diversifying the company as roles are defined and each level or department can do the work they were chosen to do. This also helps inter departmental cooperation as you clearly know who to approach for what type of task.

The way to properly implement and improve structure in your organization could be through clearly listing and communicating work that needs to be done well in advance. This helps prevent any miscommunications or misunderstandings between employees. Divide the work into tasks and assign them to the relevant division to help effectively use your resources. Setting up a coordinative structure, such as a platform for company wide communications in which departments can set up their own sub groups for relevant communications. This could also be used to track employee productivity and workflow, thus giving feedback to your system and helping implement changes more effectively.

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