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Top Job Search Engines to Join ASAP

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As the spread of coronavirus continues and economies face a recession, global unemployment saw a very sharp rise as businesses lay off workers to cut down costs and cut working hours. Many individuals find themselves unemployed and looking for jobs online. The job search process can be very tiring, emotionally draining and difficult. You need to scan through tons of job postings and options until you find the right one for yourself. It’s not easy, but the right sites can make the task easier for you. The best way to start is to work on building a solid resume. There are many skilled individuals like you also looking for a job thus to stand out amongst the crowd your CV needs to be unique and relevant.


Considered as one of the most trusted platforms for job opportunities and advice, careerbuilder provides job listings, resume posting and career advice to job seekers. It is completely free for those seeking a job and filters out top picks by title, skill or industry. What makes this platform unique is that it offers a salary search and advice section that lets you make an informed decision regarding the job that you’re looking for.


Also offering job postings, indeed not only allows employers to post openings but also consists of postings from across the internet and allows you to search locally and globally. It also has a section for company reviews that lets job seekers explore different organizations and what their ratings and reviews are.


LinkedIn is a platform for managing your professional identity and building your professional network. However, apart from letting you build connections it also allows employers to post job openings and interested individuals can follow companies to stay updated on their postings.


Another job posting website that also lets current and former employees review companies anonymously. You can get an inside scoop on desirable companies and view possible salaries. It also lets professionals share details of the recruiting process which can be very beneficial for individuals looking to apply.


Among one of the first job search websites, Monster offers services that include networking boards, resume review services and company reviews. Also offering great career advice and interview practice questions, this site is a must to try.


Offering verified and up to date job listings, this site makes the job-hunting process seamless and very organized. It also offers insightful job market data and analytics. You are also sent job listings directly to your inbox which makes the process of finding relevant jobs very convenient.


Another site that aggregates job listings from thousands of job sites, SimplyHired is a very reliable platform. Consisting of a free online resume builder with a library of over 30+ free templates, this site is a good resource if you’re looking to get started.


Amongst one of the largest and popular job boards, Dice lets you search for jobs by company, title or skill. Offering insights and career explorers, you can find your perfect job match through this site. It is worth mentioning that this site offers a higher number of options for those looking for a job in the technology or IT industry.

We hope the list helped, happy hunting!

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