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Ways The Pandemic Will Change Your Workspace

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In this new period of uncertainty and change you can bet that your work life is also going to be affected. From changes in procedures, to all out restructuring of the environment. The do’s and don’ts of office life are going to change radically.

First of all, your office space in itself is going to change. Social distancing measures are going to be implemented. So, say goodbye to Tom who was sitting on the table next to you. He’s going to be moving six feet away. Temperature checks are going to become the new normal until a workable vaccine is made. You might end up working from home or being called in every alternate day to work instead. Somethings will remain the same, the food is still going to be where they’ve been keeping it all this while.

Secondly, and we mentioned this before, working from home is going to become the new normal. Many office goers don’t really like the idea of work from home. Yes it sounds nice and comfy, but when it gets down to business, you don’t have a dedicated work area or a proper spot to conduct a video conference without showing what’s going on in the background. Some people just don’t have or understand the technology they’re working with, and that can seriously limit their productivity.

Working from home comes with its own set of problems. One of the biggest is having a proper WIFI connection. If you have an unstable or weak connection, it can prevent you from working properly, attending meetings, or even cause communication delays on a very important project. As time goes on and remote working becomes more and more popular with companies who cannot manage to bring their employees back, but cannot afford to have them not working either, there will be a huge improvement in internet technologies and connectivity.

Third, companies are going to have to get flexible. Before you could lure employees in by waving a big paycheck, or offering fringe benefits. Not anymore. A recent survey suggested that almost 57% of Americans would leave their current jobs for a job that would allow them to work from home. Remote working becomes more and more attractive to employees as they now no longer have to suffer the long commutes, can spend more time with their families, and can work in a more informal and relaxed environment (I mean the fridge and the bed are just a few steps away). Many companies have already begun realizing that remote working actually gives them a chance to cut rent from their budget and (depending on which state you live in) that could be HUGE.

However remote working won’t be the only answer. Some jobs or professionals actually require in person arrangements. Some workers even enjoy the commute and love to be away from home or in a focused and formal environment. Thus the real point we’re trying to make here is that companies are going to learn how to be flexible when it comes to dealing with their employees.

So, a quick recap. Your physical workspace is going to change. Working from home is going to be the new normal. Companies are going to learn how to be flexible when it comes to their employees working. Other than these three major points, companies are going to help educate their employees about the pandemic and the procedures that employees will now have to follow. Video applications are going to be your new best friend as that’s how you’ll learn to communicate with people who are not in your immediate vicinity. And business attires are going to go out of style as the casual work life from home takes over. I mean you can’t help around the house if you’re wearing formal now can you? I mean you can, but it’s not recommended.

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