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Know what you own, and know why you own it.

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Mayuri Jain 49 Followers12 Aug

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

#investments #savings #stockmarket

HOW to ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM in India | Retire early in your 30s - YouTube


Mayuri Jain 49 Followers12 Aug

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

#investments #savings #stockmarket

"Beware The Ides Of March" — 5 Market Secrets You Didn't Hear From Your Financial Advisors!

| 'Stop-loss order' can minimize your loss— Mental peace

A stop-loss order executes when the share price falls to a level that you set. Suppose you buy a share of $10 and set a 5% trailing stop(mean you will sell if the price drops 5% from the highest price). Stock picks up $15 means your stop-loss is $14.25, and so on...

| Your on-screen price is not right many times

Many times the price displayed on the screen is NOT correct. Either the stock is undervalued or expensive. For self-directed investors, this presents a fantastic opportunity. Do your homework and learn the ins and outs of the industry. If your study indicates that the stock will be higher this time next year, you may be able to get a good deal.

This goes for the whole market, too. Markets are driven by sentiment as well as fundamentals.

| Take a deep in 'Dark Pool.'

Generally, if you own a stock, you can sell it to someone else without going through a stock exchange. The exchange makes it easy to find buyers and sellers but isn't legally required. Someone who wants to sell a lot of stock without moving the price too much may prefer a dark pool.

Dark pools are typically attractive to large buyers and sellers to trade large volumes on thinly traded stocks. US holds 40% dark pools in daily trading, whereas SEBI is almost clueless.

| Are fund charges eating into your returns? — Stress the value

Whether you float, drown, or make a draw match, the fund manager always has their piece of cake.WHICH magazine said In the UK, the OCF or annual management charge typically ranges between:

0.75% -1.25% in most actively managed funds. 

Up to 1.8% turnover cost.

| HFT can win the game in nanoseconds, beat the fund manager

HFT is an algorithmic trading system that is automated. Computers are programmed to examine stock and futures prices and trade on the difference. This fluctuation might last for only a few microseconds. To the naked eye, they don't even exist. Blink, and you'd miss them. HFT traders rely on trading at near-lightspeed to profit from these inconsistencies. HFT holds 50% trade volume of the US and Indian market.

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Mayuri Jain 49 Followers12 Aug

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

#investments #savings #stockmarket

Balance Your Portfolio With Varun Beverages— Pepsico's Largest Franchisee( Outside The US) Shining In Bear Market

Outside of the US, Varun Beverages is the second-largest beverage bottling firm in the world. The PepsiCo franchise deal with Varun Beverages has been extended to April 2039. On June 30, VBL's price was ₹783, and on July 1, the growth trajectory touched ₹790 amid a weak market, a .63% increase in a single day. At the beginning of the year, the price was ₹ 586; now, the price marches on to ₹790, and growth rocketed at 25%.

Varun Beverages Ltd. has provided multi-bagger returns of 412.15% over the past five years and 181.8% over the last three years, respectively. The stock has increased roughly 62.53% over the last year and 23.42% over the previous three months. In terms of returns on investment, the stock has also fared well over the last month. In one month, it returned 9.02%, and in the previous week, 4.91%.

VBL reported significant year over year (YoY) sales growth of 26.2% for the January through March quarter, which was backed by a robust volume increase of 19% YoY across all markets and a higher realisation of 6% YoY. The early start of summer in India, which resulted in more robust demand, drove volume growth.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and EBITDA margin expanded by 175 bps to 18.8% in Q1CY22 despite increasing input costs, driven by the better realisation and operating leverage from higher sales volume.

The company's profit after tax (PAT) increased by over 98.2% year over year to Rs 271 crore from Rs 137 crore, thanks to stronger margins, lower financing costs, and more profitable international activities. VBL is anticipated to gain from a robust rebound in the future, driven by rising out-of-home consumption after the pandemic crisis.

VBL's international market, which accounts for 19% of its total volume and has shown impressive CAGR growth of 24% during the period CY15–21, has greater realisation than India.

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Know what you own, and know why you own it.

#investments #savings #stockmarket

Amazon, Alphabet (Google) Stock Split— Which Can Be A Darling Product For Small Investors?

Smaller players get a piece of the pie.
The news of a stock split is always thrilling for investors. The technique has quickly acquired traction among businesses during the previous few years. A stock split increases the number of outstanding shares while lowering the value of each share individually. Companies split their stocks to make shares more accessible to small investors.

How's it going?
The news is something that both companies' shareholders can rejoice over, as stock splits typically give shares a new lease on life. The Amazon split happens on Friday, June 3rd, while the Google split happens later next month.

Deep dive
Both stocks have also dropped significantly in 2022. Alphabet's stock has lost over 20% of its value this year. The stock was pushed down by overall market headwinds and uneven first-quarter performance.
Amazon's stock has dropped even more, with a year-to-date loss of roughly 30%. After Amazon's poor first-quarter reports in April, the stock took a beating.

Present performance
In the first quarter of 2022, Alphabet recorded a 23%  increase in revenue year over year. Amazon's revenue climbed by only 7% in the first quarter. According to Wall Street, Alphabet is expected to outperform Amazon in revenue growth in the entire year 2022.

Who's the ultimate winner?
In the market, both companies are enormous behemoths. But there's always a winner, and this one is particularly difficult to choose. Alphabet may be currently better positioned than Amazon, given it has shown significant growth over many timeframes, has more diverse commercial operations, and has had more consistent quarterly results.
Though JP Morgan fuels Amazon's Q2 prospects, citing improvements in "important under-penetrated sectors" like CPG, food, clothes & accessories, and furniture/appliances. AWS is likewise optimistic about the prime price.
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