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Covid tenure - is it worth a real estate investment?

During the Covid era, we have seen a lot of properties, commercial and residential, getting vacated. There have been rampant emptying of rented houses and sharp plummeting of real estate prices. Abandoned flats, deserted malls and pubs, vacant office spaces and restaurants were common spotting.

The surprising part is that, some of the smartest individuals took this situation to their advantage. With the prices having plunged sharply during the pandemic, those with a higher visibility and more purchasing power parity could rent in good houses at lower rates, buy houses at lowest-ever prices as well as rent in and buy commercial places to turn them into cafes, eateries and more.

Covid tenure is favorable for real-estate buy because of:

• changing home preferences leading to demand for houses

• more of remote work and study

• lower interest rates on home loan from major banks in India

• affordability within reach

• economic recovery on the rise

• higher recovery rate



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