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Ready to move in flat vs Pre launch investment

I have seen a lot of people preferring to invest in prelaunch properties, eagerly waiting for the possession. On the other hand, many wants to do away with the anxious wait with ready-to-move-in flats.

Both have their pros and cons.

Pre-launch investments:


  1. Lesser down payments. You can also have a lesser EMIs rolling up.
  2. Less documentation
  3. Customizations are possible
  4. You get more time to do the registration.
  5. You have a good time period before EMIs start.


  1. Spend on the rentals till you get possession.
  2. Possession might delay.

Ready to move in:


  1. Save on your rentals
  2. Easy to sell
  3. Rent it out instantly to generate income
  4. Get to know your neighbours


  1. No customisations possible
  2. Costlier than prelaunch properties
  3. Lesser time to arrange finances
  4. More documentation is there is a previous owner

Weigh these pros and cons to make your decision.

ready to move in investment

pre launch investment

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