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Top tips for newlyweds, renting a house in India

Firstly, congratulations on getting hitched! Wish you a wonderful journey ahead.

With newly-wed couples hunting for houses, scouting through real-estate portals and every alley around the corner, let’s help you with the most important tips. Keep them handy!

1. Go for a joint home loan – both of you can share the EMIs.

2. Find the right real-estate agent.

3. Ensure your Vaastu is checked, even if it’s a rented house, only if you believe in it.

4. Have an extra room because guests are likely to drop by after your marriage.

5. Don’t rush; take time to find the right house.

6. Ensure that you have power-backup, if you are planning to work from home.

7. Check the water supply and don’t forget to ask if water bill is included in rent.

8. See the internet connection there. A lot of houses have poor network connectivity.

9. Check on the cleanliness of the apartment.

10. Talk to the existing residents of the flat to check if they are satisfied with the house.

11. If you own a vehicle, parking space is a plus

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