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3 Points: How Can You Protect Yourself From Falling For Phony Stock Market Advisors?

1. Verify that they have a SEBI registration.

2. Examine the risk before returning

" In six months, I'll double your investment."

It is a classic marketing statement used to draw customers. You have all undoubtedly heard this pitch. But if becoming wealthy or affluent were so simple, every Indian city would have been home to 100 Warren Buffets. The key is to be consistent.

3. Which return format will you favor?

A.) A monthly return of 2% to 3% over the following 12 months is constant.

B.) 10% in one month, -5% in the following, 2% in the following, 1% in the following, and so on

Option A sounds good!

If one can consistently provide returns of even 1% over extended periods, it indicates that risk management controls are in place and a rigid system with stringent guidelines is being followed.

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