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Boost your 'War' against inflation— 5 top defence stocks with strong set up for 2023

Peace is impossible without power " — this is recent dialogue from highest adminitrative office of India. It is clear Govt encouraged the defence bodies, including defence exports ahead of whistles of WWIII.

Investors are searching safe profile amid fear of US recession. Defense industries get no relief in productions though all leaders vow peace in UN!

Bharat Dynamics or BDL jumped 127% to ₹975 in one year, last 5-year trend pegged 150% growth.

Radar and sub-system developer Astramicro beats market expectation and rocketed-growth of 40% from January,2022 added ₹94 value to touch ₹327. In last one year the share continues upward march and rallied 26%.

BEL or Bharat Electronics Limited is fueled by Atmanirbhar military infra movement. Its Q2FY22 get 4% momentum. In one year BEL's share scaled up by 62% to ₹109, last 6-month price rocketed 39% growth. BEL surged by 79% in last 5-year.

Aerospace parts, bulletproof vests and armoured vehicle maker Midhani share jumped 39% from Januuary with 181% growth revord in 5-year.

Data Patterns India, the defense and aerospace electronic systems maker can enrich your portfolio with good returns ahead of tough time, nearly 90%growth in 1 -year and 5-yeart respectively.

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