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Debt-free funds have an inflation-hedging trend— these small-cap debt-free stocks can advance your passive income ahead of the recession.

Expleo Solutions Ltd has a record of 171% growth in 5 years. The stock was ₹501 on the pandemic-hit January 2021 and made a double growth now at ₹1248. The low-profile stock stun the market. The 24-year old company deals with tech and engineering. It spread business in the UK, US, and Persian Gulf region.

Borosil Ltd scaled up 42% to ₹422 in one year, whereas in January 2021, it was almost half of the current price. Its 5-year growth was considered 126%. The stocks made an upward rally from mid-2020. 

Promoters have the majority of shareholdings which is a good sign. The company had record revenue in the last three years, following the same trend in recent quarters, with nearly 644 cr revenue generated in 2022.

A debt-free low-profile stock, NOCIL Limited is a supplier of rubber chemicals. The 60 year old company has vast product portfolios, including antioxidants, antidegradants, and vulcanization stabilizers. The stocks returned 34% in 5 years; however, 2022 is set for marginal growth. Analysts issue a green signal to buy ahead of robust growth in FY23 quarters. 



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