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Wall Street to count economic meltdown from January'23 —Which recession-free stocks can immune your portfolio?

We discover certain industries that have historically resisted recessions.

In both good and volatile times, demand tends to be pretty stable in several businesses. They are, therefore, comparatively recession-resistant.

Healthcare/Pharma— (stocks)often have a low recession risk. The majority of healthcare expenses cannot be delayed. You can think of Sun Pharma, Apollo Hospital, Torrent Pharma, Narayana Hrudalaya, GSK, and Fortis.

FMCG/Consumer Goods—Even in difficult economic times, people must eat. However, customers are increasingly making more meals at home rather than eating. Retailers of packaged foods and grocery stores typically fare well during economic downturns.

Focus on ITC and Dabur.

Energy—In contrast to other industries, the demand for power and gas goods is among a different category of necessities whose supply is less affected. Today's society cannot compromise on the importance of these necessities, such as gasoline and electricity.

Investors can pick Adani Green, Coal India, for now. Tata Power and Rel8ance are good for long-term holding.

Recessions are simply fumbling periods that clear out the weak enterprises in various areas if one views them as an opportunity.

However, debt-free stocks have good potential in the recesstion-battered market.

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