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Yes or No—Does Yes Bank warrant a long-term investment?

After RBI steps in the matter, is it a win-win situation for Yes Bank?

Over the past three quarters, FIIs have steadily increased their ownership, from 7.92% in September 2021 to 11.37% in June 2022.

The bank reported a net profit with 50% increase. In the same time frame, the bank's revenue rose by 13.5%.

In comparison to a deficit of ₹3,462 crores in march 2021, the company declared a net profit of ₹1,066 crores in march 2022. Sales increase over the last ten years has compounded to 12%.

19.6% is the capital adequacy ratio.

But the problem is—

Stock is currently valued at a high 34.7 P/E, and the PE over the past 10 years is 14.3. In comparison to its peers, the interest coverage ratio is 1.12, which is relatively low.

Sales growth over the last three years has been -13.7%, and over the last five years has been 2.98%. From ₹20,042 crores in march 2021 to ₹19,024 crores in march 2022, the company's revenues fell.

Final words

The bank does not appear to be fundamentally sound at this time, but its financial situation appears to be getting better.This stock would be a decent buy at around ₹13, but the price has already risen to ₹15.70.




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